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This is an awesome tool.   Awesome awesome awesome.   Complete conditional control over anything you are copying!   You can use it for directory comparison, drive recovery and pretty much anything else your copying heart desires.   Designed initially as an internal tool for use by Microsoft, it has been kept up to date, and was officially released to the general public in April this year as part of Hoffman’s Utility Spotlight.

Some of its features:

  • Multiple parallel threads
  • Pause/resume copy
  • Consolidation of multiple sources
  • Comparitive copy based on security settings, availability, attributes, file sizes and time stamps
  • Directory creation only
  • Error handling management (ignore certain errors, hundreds to choose from)
  • Attribute setting / removing

There are many more features, but I’ll leave you to explore them.   I haven’t found anything better for copying data of a drive that is on its way out.   Below are two screenshots of some of the options available.

Overview settings

Overview settings (click to enlarge)

Attributes and Error settings

Attributes and Error settings (click to enlarge)

You can download Microsoft Rich Copy from TechNet here.